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The Kentucky Askew Award was given to an outstanding Kentucky CPM student projects among those being created by individuals as part of their required coursework. The Kentucky training institution reviewed all projects each year against seven individual grading criteria.  The highest-scoring projects were made available to the Society and the KSCPM Awards Committee selected "the best of the best" for submittal to the Academy for consideration of the national Award as the Kentucky winner.

With the suspension of CPM training in Kentucky, there have not been any Award winners for several years.


2011 Kentucky Askew Award Winners

Toni Simmons (ABC), Stephan Davis (TAH), Kim Goodwin (EPP),
Mark Cool
(DOCJT), Bruce Cottew (PERS), and Katy Cave (GSC, retired).  Not pictured Jon Wilcoxson (KYTC).


2010 Kentucky Askew Award Winners

Brandon Sanders (KYTC), Greg Giesler (APA), Tonya Stallard (DOCJT), Donna Melton (DoE), Davie Ransdell (EEC), and Katy Cave (KCPM Coordinator).  Not pictured is Teresa Sanders (OSBD).


2009 Kentucky Askew Award Winners

Scott McKenzie (PERS), DeAnna Boling (DOCJT), Matt Frohlich (GOLD), Laura Patton (F&W), and Katy Cave (KCPM Coordinator).  Not pictured is Bill Overman (EEC).


2008  Russell Wright

2007  -  Laura Lynne Best

2006  -  Charlotte Faeth

2005 - Shawn Marie Herron

2004 - Connie Caskey Burton

2003 - Mary Jilka

2002 - Douglas Holt

2001 - Fannie Louise Maddux

2000 - Cathy Higginbotham